Montana Online Counseling

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Counseling services that fit the Montana way of life.

Experienced and Accessible

Montana Online Counseling is a collection of professional mental health therapists who live and work in the state of Montana. We are seeking to provide effective, affordable, and accessible counseling services for individuals all across the state of Montana.

Why Us?

We host a collection of talented and experienced therapists from various areas across the state of Montana. Our approach allows for prompt follow-ups for individuals seeking therapy services. Because we allow access to these therapists online via webcam counseling sessions, we can serve individuals and communities that lack quality mental health options. We make sure to match you with a therapist who is close enough to meet for an initial intake and specialized in modalities to fit your specific counseling goals.

Become a Partner partners with some of the most talented and experienced names in healthcare throughout the state. This allows our Clients direct access to trained professionals as they work towards their personal goals from a nutritional, physical or medical perspective. We fully trust each of our partners to deliver the same confidential and effective online services that we strive for through our website. Click on the name under each partner for a short bio and also contact information to set up a consultation.

A History of Montana Online Counseling

Montana Online Counseling was founded by Aaron and Rachel Skaggs in 2019. Our mission has always been to connect quality professional counselors to individuals all across the state of Montana. Montana Online Counseling allows for individuals to receive online counseling via webcam. Clients can set up their sessions using our online calendar. Once a session is set up their Therapist will make contact to confirm. Since sessions are performed over the internet Clients can receive professional mental health counseling without ever having to leave home. By using only Montana based mental health therapists, we can ensure that your therapist understands the Montana way of life. These individuals live in Montana and are familiar with the rural, and agricultural reality. Our therapists are all licensed to perform professional counseling in the state of Montana.