Mental Health Resources

Mental Health During a Pandemic

It may seem like we have no ability to dictate or control the future during a pandemic such as the one we are currently facing. Yet managing your mental health throughout the day can actually change your reality. Its not about ignoring the reality around you, its about finding a centered self that is content and capable no matter what is going on around you.

Mind Detox

We need to recognize the connection between the spiritual and the cognitive. We have a brain and we need to learn to use it when is comes to managing worry, stress, and negativity. We might first have to detox our minds from the faulty "Christian" constructs that we have misinterpreted and the lies we have believed as a result.

Present Over Perfect

Do you feel tired and overwhelmed from the constant demands that life places on you? How about the weight of living under the expectations and regulations that you place on yourself? Author Shauna Niequist invites you to take a look at her own personal journey; from the pain of trying to be perfect to the freedom of living in the Fathers perfect present. Find this book and others at

Fear Vs Faith

T.D. Jake provides and in-depth look at the role of fear in our lives and the benefit of walking in faith. We may not be able to remove fear, we may not even need to in order to step into the boldness and confidence that is made available through Jesus. "Faith is the substance (ingredient) of things"...what can you do with your faith ingredients so they can produce something powerful today?