Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Montana Online Counseling cost?

-Most major insurance carriers allow customers to utilize tele-health options (check with your insurance provider for details on mental health allowances for tele-health)

-Private pay is accepted this rate is determined by each therapist. Contact the therapist you are interested in working with for more information.

How do I connect with a counselor?

-Request availability via email with each therapist through their profile

-contact Aaron@montanaonlinecounseling or 405-590-9177 for more details

Am I required to have a laptop to use these services?

-Telehealth services can be done through a HIPPA approved video chat portal on any device that has a secure internet connection.

What are some of the benefits to online counseling?

-Online counseling is convenient

-Online counseling is confidential

-Online counseling can be crafted to fit your specific needs